Farmers Markets in Southwest Florida - Join the Harvest

Why is quality local and organic food is important to us?

It's Better for our Economy

Buying locally produced foods and artisan products improves our ability to build and maintain our local economy, support our neighbors, and reduce our dependence on international food production.

It's Good for Your Health & Quality of Life

Buying local food and produce creates a healthy alternative for communities to buy better fresh food that is healthy and tastes great!

It's More Sustainable

There are instances where food is grown in one state, driven across the country to be repackaged, and shipped back to be sold in a local grocery store. We can do better together.

Join the Harvest

Our vision is to create opportunities for local farmers to prosper, local artisans to earn a living and a marketplace that ensures healthier food choices. Going on its fourth year of operation, the market’s mission is to support local and regional farmers, local artisans, and small business owners. Together with our market community, we are creating a vibrant local economy for local farmers and artisans that encourages improved health and well-being.

The Good Meeting

The Good Meeting is a collaborative community learning opportunity of the Health Park Farmers Market and the Lee County Homeless Coalition that supports community engagement and a deeper understanding of how health and local business success improve our quality of life.